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2013-02-04, 12:30

130528-31: Peace and Security Summit

PSS 2013

Peace and Security Summit

Swedish Veterans Federation (SVF) was requested by the World Veterans Federation (WVF) to arrange the Peace and Security Summit 2013 (PSS13) in May 2013.

The Swedish Government in its appropriation directions for 2012 has tasked the Armed Forces together with SVF to conduct the World Veterans Federation's conference Peace & Security Summit in Sweden May 28-31 2013. The Swedish Armed forces HQ in turn has tasked Military Academy Karlberg to lead the Armed Forces' obligation to this conference.


The aim of PSS13 is to raise the status of veterans in society and to promote the well-being of veterans. Veteran's experiences can help society to develop, e.g. by integration policies.

The theme for PSS13 is: "How can veterans contribute to Peace and Security in Society?".

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2013-05-27, 11:29

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2013-05-29, 14:32

Tisdagen den 28 maj närvarade Prins Carl Philip vid invigningen av World Veteran Federations konferens Peace & Security Summit på Fotografiska i Stockholm.

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